John R. Devlin received his undergraduate training in aeronautical engineering from The Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After working for Continental Airlines and US Airways for over 15 years, he decided on a career change. During his time with US Airways, he sustained a knee injury which required surgical intervention.

After surgery, however, he felt his knee was not performing to the level at which it had prior to his injury, at which time he turned to acupuncture. Having been a competitive athlete, Dr. Devlin also suffered from shoulder pain due to overuse in playing competitive volleyball. After receiving acupuncture treatments for his shoulder and knee, he was so amazed with this medicine that he had to find out more about it. It was then that inspired him to become an acupuncturist.

Dr. Devlin enrolled in the Colorado School for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Denver, Colorado in July of 1993 and finished his 4-year graduate school program in 1997. Dr. Devlin then continued his internship with Dr. Zhang a tenth generation acupuncturist. Dr. Devlin maintains a private practice in Denver CO. treating a broad variety of chronic and acute disease. Trauma, sports medicine, headaches, infertility, women's health, and gastrointestinal illness are just some of the disease he treats on a weekly basis.


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