Acu-Health Medical Clinic, Inc.

Everyone at some point in their active Life reaches a physical and mental stage where what they are used to achieving turns to a challenging level of limitations. Limitations are measured by their capacity for endurance, tolerance of symptoms, changes in their chemical balance, and the aging of your body. ACU-HEALTH practices unique and medically proven techniques to enhance your life, both mentally and physically. Well known in the Asian world of medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and nutrition are 3 key elements to keeping your body doing what you love.

Located in Centennial, Colorado, Acu-Health Medical Clinic is a progressive alternative medicine center focused on the body's ability to heal itself. We believe this to be the most powerful and effective solution for total health and fitness. Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and massage are natural methods to progress the body along its path towards wellness.

We specialize in Traditional and Sports Acupuncture as well as Herbal Medicine and Tui Na Massage. We treat a wide range of patients and ailments. If you're curious about whether your situation is treatable with acupunture, massage, or herbal medicine please visit the common questions area of our site.

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