Acupuncture Treatment of Disease

postpartum dizziness
prolonged labor
tuberculosis TB
seminal emission
stomach ache
stomach spasm
trigeminal neuralgia
urinary tract pain
uterine prolapse
vaginal itching
wei syndrome [wasting or flaccid syndrome]
whooping cough [pertusis]
windstroke [CVA or TIA]
Diabetes [wasting syndrome]


Stagnated Heat in the Liver meridian

bright red with distended pain

P/T - expel Wind/Heat, purge Liver and Gallbladder

Acupuncture - Shaoyang , Jueyin , Hua Tou Jia Ji (at corresponding nerves areas), SJ 5, LR 2, 3, 8, GB 43, SP 10, puncture around affected area very 2 cun , *leave needles in patient for one to two hours

- irritable- HT 7, PC 4 (Xi-cleft)

- constipation- SJ 6

- face/neck eruptions- LI 4, GB 20

Damp/Heat in Spleen meridian

P/T - purge Heat, detoxify, eliminate Damp

Acupuncture - Hua Tou Jia Ji , local, SP 6, 9, 10, ST 44

- Heat- LI 11, Du 14

- poor appetite- Ren 12, ST 25

Chronic (Blood Stasis)

after eruptions are gone although pain still resides

Acupuncture - ashi points, corresponding meridians (i.e. hypochondria region- Shaoyang points), back Shu ,

cupping, moxa

Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular - Shenmen, subcortex , LU, LR, GB, ST

7 star- around local, Hua Tou Jia Ji , strong stimulation, bleed slightly 2 times per day

electrical - 2 pairs of needles surrounding the affected area, stimulate around area not across, medium strength

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