Acupuncture Treatment of Disease

postpartum dizziness
prolonged labor
tuberculosis TB
seminal emission
stomach ache
stomach spasm
trigeminal neuralgia
urinary tract pain
uterine prolapse
vaginal itching
wei syndrome [wasting or flaccid syndrome]
whooping cough [pertusis]
windstroke [CVA or TIA]
Diabetes [wasting syndrome]

Stomach spasms

Acute sudden onset of stomach spasms causing stomach ache.

Western medicine - acute gastritis, ulcer, cancer, neurosis.

Warmth and pressure help condition, rectus abdominus can be seen spasming, pale face, cold sweat, cold limbs, nausea, vomiting, belching, acid reflux, P-wiry. May be caused by acute sudden over-eating, eating too fast, eat too much after fasting, consumption of too much cold foods.

P/T - regulate Qi to harmonize Stomach Qi and relieve pain

Acupuncture Rx - foot yangming , ST 21 (local), 34 (xi-cleft, pain), 36, Ren 12 ( mu )

- nausea/vomiting - PC 6

- belching, reflux - Ren 10, 11

- rectus spasms - GB 34, Du 8, 9

- deficiency cold - back- shu points

*purge and sedate, when pain subsides use moxa .

Alternative treatment methods

auricular - Stomach, Shenmen, sympathetic, *strong stimulation

electro - ST 34, 36, GB 34, *strong rapid continuous frequency

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