Acupuncture Treatment of Disease

postpartum dizziness
prolonged labor
tuberculosis TB
seminal emission
stomach ache
stomach spasm
trigeminal neuralgia
urinary tract pain
uterine prolapse
vaginal itching
wei syndrome [wasting or flaccid syndrome]
whooping cough [pertusis]
windstroke [CVA or TIA]
Diabetes [wasting syndrome]

Urinary tract pain

Western medicine - kidney stones, infection

TCM - low Jiao Damp/Heat, Qi and blood stagnation, complicated deficiency.

Acute onset of one sided lumbar area pain that radiates to the lower abdomen or external genitalia and possibly inner thigh. Urination that starts and stops or pauses midstream, this causes pain that radiates to the abdomen or lumbar region. Diagnostic tapping also shows pain. There may be distension of the lower abdomen. Urination may be difficult, painful, dribbling, dripping, hot, and may contain blood. Patient may also show nausea and/or vomiting.

P/T - clear Heat, induce diuresis to relieve Lin syndrome and pain

Rx - KI 3 & BL 23 (regulate Kidney to help Bladder), KI 5 (xi-cleft), Ren 3 & BL 28 (Bladder urine transformation), SP 6, 9 (Spleen dampness, diuretic), *purge and sedate

- upper urinary stasis - BL 52, GB 25

- lower urinary stasis - Ren 2, ST 28

- blood in urine - SP 10, BL 17

- nausea/vomit - Ren 12, PC 6, ST 36

- weak Kidneys - Ren 4, Du 4

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